Is This You?

Is Cooperative Advantage a good fit for you and your organization?

  • You are committed to leading for exemplary performance that delivers superior results for your organization, its stakeholders, society, and nature
  • You recognize that traditional leaderships methods are outdated in today’s complex, uncertain, and interrelated world
  • You realize that to deliver exemplary performance today people throughout your organization and network must be fully engaged and committed, align their interests, focus on the right priorities, innovate from differences, and work together with excellence.

If yes, then Cooperative Advantage is for you!

Our clients are leaders who are committed to leading for exemplary performance at four levels of leadership:

I.  Leading Self:  Includes  the individual work needed to develop and apply the 4 competencies (center, connect, co-ordinate, and co-create to each of the 4 dimensions  (self, group, organization, and systems).  It requires centering within the core character and calling of each dimension.  (maybe this is a link)–>Good character includes consistently facing reality, acting with integrity, caring for the whole and creating a “positive wake” such that others are left better off. Character is revealed when facing difficult challenges. Good character inspires trust and mutuality. Calling is committing to, and performing from highest intention and purpose. It should align with good character and fuel vitality and intrinsic motivation.

II. Leading Groups:  Groups include units, functions, project teams, and partnerships.  Groups are configured for maximum effectiveness when they include the interdependent roles needed for unified action and cumulative responsibility and control.  Group excellence requires psychological safety and the competence to connect and integrate differences.  You can develop group-based leadership excellence by integrating group-level calling, character,  competence and coordination into how your groups meet, co-create, design, partner, manage priorities and commitments, and keep score.  Meetings can deliver both high performance and development when they exercise leadership,  relational, and coordination skills to innovate from differences, maximize group power, and unify action. 

III. Leading Organizations: Organizations sustain exemplary performance by adaptively integrating and unifying the efforts of everyone involved both internally and externally. Organizational leadership requires appropriate application of the four characteristics.  Coordination efforts should include a potent business model to help integrate and mutually reinforce interests and activities of all actors. 

IV. Leading Systems: Today’s organizations involve systems of interrelated actors including employees, suppliers, partners, customers and other stakeholders.  Leaders must skillfully apply the four competencies such that both internal and external system actors are fully engaged and effective.

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