Amplify Your Leadership Impact

Amplify Your Leadership Impact: Coaching and Consulting

The purpose of Amplifying Your Leadership Impact 

We work with mission-focused leaders who are committed to big change and positive impact for their organizations and our world. 

I am David Sherman.  I have 30+ years of global experience and insight, an MBA (UC Berkeley) and a DBA (researched social entrepreneurship and scaling impact).  I co-authored Flourishing Enterprise (Stanford University Press).  

Does this sound like you?

You are a purposeful leader committed to creating meaningful change.  You understand the difficulties and complexities of our turbulent world and are determined to deploy collective resources to realize the change you envision.  You strive for excellence in leadership and you are ready to take your next step as a leader.  

Like Peter Drucker, you appreciate that effective leaders begin with themselves.

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, raising performance to a higher standard, building personality beyond its normal limitations.  Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help orchestrate the energy of those around you.”    

                                                                              – Peter Drucker

Why is Amplifying Your Leadership Impact needed?

The harmful side effects of today’s leadership have led to our overstressed world.  We need a new type of leadership that is responsive to today’s situation and moves us toward the future we want.  

To thrive amid today’s complex and interconnected challenges, leadership must address key obstacles, such as:    
  • Overwhelming complexity Disrupts progress and causes missed opportunities.
  • Resistance and conflict – Undermines change and reduces impact. 
  • Pervasive firefighting – Wastes resources and distracts from important priorities.

How we help you and how this benefits you. 

Our help enables you to take your leadership to the next level through three key practices:

  1. Clarity and focus – you will establish direction and a blueprint for purposeful impact suited to the complexity of your situation.
  2. Impact through cooperation – you and those around you will work together with greater impact.
  3. Compound learning –  you and your colleagues will continually improve your combined capacity to respond and perform.

Your benefits: You will be equipped with tools and practices suited to today’s complex and interconnected challenges.  You will benefit from greater clarity and direction, the amplified impact of cooperation, and ever-increasing performance through compound learning.  This will allow you to deliver the positive change you want for your organizations and our world.

How we work with our clients?

We partner with you to help you recreate how you lead.  We help you develop and apply three key practices to enhance your impact: 1) clarity and focus, 2) impact through cooperation, and 3) compound learning.

We help you in three steps:

  1. Clarify your leadership situation and priorities and align around a specific agenda for amplifying your leadership impact.
  2. Conduct a focused pilot that involves a small, committed group. This includes clear objectives, scope, learning priorities, and impact outcomes.
  3. Design and launch a broader effort to amplify your leadership impact, applying the three key practices and their underlying principles.

We can work with you individually, or with a group from within your organization and/or stakeholder system.  We collaborate with you to bring about positive change in your organization and beyond.

What is special about our work?

We help you recreate your leadership for a territory for which there is no roadmap. Traditional, directive ways of leading, were designed for a simpler more stable world. Such leadership today, results in disjointed efforts and damaging consequences.  

We will help you explore and practice new ways of leading that integrate fragmentation, unlock collective potential, and thrive in complex and uncertain environments.  Drawing on our deep expertise and key principles, we provide tangible guidance to help you experiment and apply these new methods.

We tailor our work together to meet you, your situation, and your reality.  We partner with you, help you to perform at your best, and provide the context and guidance to further grow your abilities.

What do we help you avoid?

We strive to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and misguided. With more than one thousand different types of leadership, it is difficult to find one that fits today’s dynamic world and is both comprehensive and coherent.  Without a unified approach, leaders pull people in multiple directions and create a mess for those they lead. 

How is our approach different?

Our approach stands out from others because it integrates multiple disciplines to support you in developing valuable insights, making sound decisions, and aligning your actions with your intentions.

We prioritize both the people involved and the task at hand, fostering cooperation and integrated action.

Our services are tailored to meet your individual needs and can be put into action quickly.  Additionally, we go beyond just creating plans we make sure that they are implemented.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in finding out how we might help you amplify your leadership impact, please click here to schedule a conversation.  We’ll discuss your situation and determine if our services are the right fit for you.