Our services are geared for visionary leaders who want to deliver superior performance and create a better future through outstanding cooperation among employees, customers, business partners, and other collaborators.

Our clients recognize that in our increasingly complex world people are overly busy and conventional management methods do not deliver sustained performance. They lead to firefighting and don’t harness the full-potential of employees and partners.   We now have the knowledge to do better. Whether your organization is a large global enterprise or a smaller niche player our services will deliver lasting value. Our core service offerings are summarized below:

Leadership for Cooperative Advantage Diagnostic – Together we identify, prioritize and map actions your greatest synergistic impact based on your situation, strengths, and opportunities. Outstanding cooperation is a meta-capability that amplifies your effectiveness and opens new possibilities. The right priorities and plan are key to quickly realizing maximum impact. This is a good way to start if Cooperative Advantage has appeal, but you are unclear about how to maximize your returns.

System Leadership – We help you engage the whole system of stakeholders across your organization to: identify strengths and possibilities, envision a compelling future, design and prototype key initiatives, plan and deploy the overall program, and measure progress toward realizing cooperative advantage.

Organization & Group Leadership – We support you to create a focused project in an area where improved cooperation will make a big difference for the organization. Most organizations have many teams, work groups, and processes from which to choose. If this is an initial pilot you will want to leverage this momentum to embark on a broader program of transformation. This is a good way to start if you have a clear priority for where outstanding cooperation is most necessary.

Self Leadership – Let us help you build an onsite and/or online leadership development program for innovative leaders to transform how they deliver high performance results. We’ll do this together by unlocking full potential and developing synergy among employees, partners and stakeholders. We typically make use of a series of team working and governance sessions with one or more larger workshops.

We tailor our assistance to best meet your needs.   

Your first step is a complimentary strategy session where we better understand your situation and help determine how Cooperative Advantage might best help you.

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