Leading for Cooperative Advantage

Is this program for you?

The program is designed for innovative CEOs, business unit leaders and other executives who are preparing for an increasingly challenging and dynamic future where the key to success is deep synergy among employees, partners, and other stakeholders who innovate and execute together for high performance.

Business leaders today are challenged in an increasingly dynamic environment with volatility, change and ever-rising expectations. Many are running faster and harder to keep up. Yet conventional ways of leading and managing are not working. These approaches:

  • Are not delivering the sustained business performance we need
  • Produce many side effects that adversely impact society and nature
  • Result in a 70% disengagement rate for American workers.

We know how to do better

  • Traditional management methods focus most of our attention on what we can easily see and measure, including organizational structure, work and operational processes, and tangible assets; these methods also assume behavior is rational and the business environment is predictable and stable.
  • But today’s world is fast-paced and uncertain and people’s motivations and behaviors are complex. Innovation and collective effort are shaped by intangibles that when attended to effectively, can dramatically improve motivation, creativity, and skillful interaction.
  • New findings in fields including strategy, creativity, positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics provide new insights that can revolutionize the way we lead and manage and allow us to engage the disengaged, dramatically reduce the negative side effects of business, and more consistently deliver superior performance.

Our leadership program gives you the knowledge, practice and project experience you need to update and revolutionize how you lead. It:

  • Is designed for your world where change is the only constant and the best employees and partners have a choice
  • Is practical, yet grounded by leading research as described above in fields, such as strategy, creativity, positive organization, positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics
  • Provides you with:
    • Knowledge – Findings and insights across a wide range of relevant fields that provide a foundation for a powerful approach to leadership
    • Personal Vision – A clear vision of the leader you aspire to be, an understanding of the strengths you want to leverage and gaps to be closed, and a prioritized program of practice for achieving your vision. You develop an initial vision at the start of the program to guide your practice and application. Then you update your vision and program for ongoing practice at the end of the program
    • Practice – Experience using a set of core individual and group practices that help you build the capacity to operate at your best more often and to foster outstanding creativity and cooperative action
    • Application – A successfully implemented leadership project in your organization that serves as your “playing field” for learning and applying strategies, principles and practices of Cooperative Advantage
    • Deeper ConfidenceMore reliable feelings of trust and certainty that you have the internal resources to navigate through your challenges and fulfill your vision
    • Organizational Vision – A vision and some practical initial steps for how your organization can achieve a new level of performance by adopting principles and practices of Cooperative Advantage.

Leading for Cooperative Advantage Core Practices

Cooperate from Your “Best Selves” group practices for creativity and action

  1. Engage for High Creativity: Enlist deep listening and dialogue to spur innovation
  2. Coordinate for Impeccable Action: Improve performance and build trust through clarity, commitment and follow-through

Act From Your “Best Self” individual practices to support your collaborative and individual performance and effectiveness by helping you

  1. Increase Your Awareness and Sharpen Your Focus: Manage your attention and focus inwards, outwards and on others
  2. Act from Center and be “In the Zone”: Notice when you react based on your conditioning and shift to a more expansive inclusive stance
  3. Access Your Insight and Creativity: Open to your deepest source of insight and creativity
  4. Work at Maximum Effectiveness: Manage your priorities and energy to maximize your impact and contribution

Practices to Manage Your Continuous Development

  1. Live from Your Highest Goal: Clarify and live from your most compelling life purpose
  2. Improve and Change with Intention: Build competence, overcome limiting habits, and improve effectiveness through deliberate practice

Leading for Cooperative Advantage is Structured as a Year-Long Program 

Contact us or call 415.696.3307 for your free leadership strategy session to clarify your situation and needs and understand whether this leadership program can help you meet your priorities.

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