Cooperative Advantage Diagnostic

Is this Service for You? It is for visionary organizations and business systems that want to deliver superior performance through deep synergy among employees, customers, business partners, and other collaborators. It is valuable for large global organizations as well as smaller niche players. This is a good place to start if Cooperative Advantage has appeal… but you are unclear about how to maximize your return.

Our traditional business structures, processes, and practices fell short. They:

  • Are not delivering the sustained business performance we need
  • Produce many side effects that adversely impact society and nature
  • Result in a 70% disengagement rate for American workers
  • Result in silos, functions, teams, and stakeholders that are working at cross-purposes.

Yet today we have the knowledge necessary to do better.

  • Traditionally we focused primarily on what we could see and measure — tangible structures, processes, and assets, and we assumed the world was rationale, predictable and slow
  • Yet today’s world is not predictable. Creativity, innovation, and collective effort are driven by the intangibles that affect how we interrelate and work together
  • New findings in fields such as strategy, creativity, positive organization, positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics provide new insight into how to manage uncertainty and intangibles and deliver performance in today’s dynamic, interrelated world

Our Cooperative Advantage Diagnostic provides you with the priorities, sound plans and roadmap you need to deliver superior performance through outstanding cooperation. It:

  • Recognizes that deep synergy is a meta-capability that amplifies the effectiveness of current activities and opens new possibilities that were not possible without it
  • Uses knowledge and insight across a range of fields to ensure the right elements to best unlock the combined potential of employees, partners and stakeholders to deliver superior performance in today’s dynamic business environments
  • Includes an assessment and plan that identifies, prioritizes and maps actions you should take for greatest cooperative impact based on your situation, strengths, and opportunities
  • Provides the right priorities and plan to quickly realize maximum impact

Throughout our work together we help you:

  • Combine collective insight with co-creation among a broad set of your stakeholders
  • Act in ways where people work together from the best versions of themselves
  • Leverage collective strengths, identify gaps to be filled, and determine how to best build missing capabilities, especially intangible ones, that foster innovation and operational excellence

We tailor our assistance to best meet your needs.

  • We customize our work to fit your situation and typically make use of a series of team working and governance sessions with one or more larger workshops.

Your first step is a complimentary strategy session where we better understand your situation and help determine how Planning for Cooperative Advantage might best help you.

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